Steph In The Wild (NSFW)

I've known Steph for many years, I met her in the nightlife industry back when I first started shooting events. She's one of the owners of La Gogue Inc, a local GoGo dancing troupe based out of Calgary. We've talked about doing a shoot over the years but with busy schedules nothing ever panned out until recently. 

My SO, Tina is an amazingly talented lady and offered to do the makeup for the shoot. We're a big fan of hiking through Kananaskis and had a great location planned out. 

Meeting up in the morning, we had coffee and breakfast and the girls went off to do makeup while I packed my bag. 

We arrived at the trail head and got to the base of our ascent. We climbed up steep terrain with the only foot holds available were tree roots that the soil erosion left behind. We used tree trunks to pull ourselves up, and used logs to cross the river back and forth. After an hour of hiking we made it to where we had our original vision. I tend to like shooting earlier in the morning but I'm glad we took our time getting ready and driving out. With the ever looming Winter season approaching us, the mountains had gotten some snow  and with the warm afternoon sun hitting the tree tops, the snow started to melt and pretty much rained on us with the sun lighting the droplets up which you'll see in some of the photos below. 

Tina assisted me and was my VALS (voice activated light stand) and helped hand me gear and made sure I didn't fall into the river.  Steph was a trooper. Rolling around on pine needles and wet rocks? Check. Waist deep in a glacial fed river and waterfall? Check. She's a very talented model and I look forward to working with her again! I'm very proud of what the three of us accomplished and created today. I hope you enjoy these. :) 


Katie & Paint


Last month I helped out with a silent auction that some of the cities top promoters put on to help the victims of the Nepal earthquake. I was put in charge of the silent auction and had to collect the pieces being auctioned. To make a long story short, Katie donated an amazing painting (that I had my eyes on, bid and won! yay) and we had talked and decided we wanted to collab on a shoot down the road. After bouncing back and forth over a few weekends due to other commitments or overly harsh hangovers we chose today to meet up and make some pretty cool images! 


Got to check out this really awesome hair and fashion show last week at Aloft hotel which was put on by Diva Salon|Spa for WaterAid. My wonderful lady Tina did the makeup for the avant garde portion of the show. I do have photos of the other parts of it, but these were the most creative and appealing to me personally. I love how all the head pieces and parts of some of the dresses had little LED's that created some really cool light fall off which I tried to capture. 

Art Battle Canada - HiFi Club

Art Battle 258 


If you've never been to an Art Battle, you need to check it out. It's an evening of local, amateur and professional artists going head to head for 20 minutes in what can only be described as a room of inspiring music and a frenzy of paint on canvas.  

Voting opens up on their website after the round is done which makes it easy to feel like you're part of the event. Two winners are chosen after each of the two rounds with the final 4 battling it out to the end. There are events all across Canada throughout the year, this is Calgary's 2nd Art Battle of 2015. Looking forward to the next one!

Full album can be found HERE on The HiFi Club's facebook page. Here's a few of my favorites from the event.